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auto cpap machine c-20c
CPAP Machine ResPlus C20C til søvnapnøbehandling

CPAP Machine ResPlus C20C til søvnapnøbehandling

①Small, delicate and portable, Net weight 2.2kg;
②Detachable humidifier tank, easy to use;
③3.5"color TFT display, visible an clear;
④One knob design, one-handed operation.
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图片 2Intelligent
① One key pressure setting;
②Synchronously triggered by inspiration, high sensitivity;
③ Imported pressure sensor, with new control algorithm;
④ Automatic leakage and altitude compensation, suitable for any area;
⑤ACPower failure alarm, intelligent monitoring system, make a restful sleep.
① High-quality silent motor, make more intimate accompanying;
②Smart Belex technology, ensure a easier breathing;
③RAMP: setting a time to startup after sleep, improving compliance of therapy.
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